October 26, 2020


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20 Technology Skills Wanted By Amazon, Other Top Employers

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Top Tech Skills By Q2 Job Postings “During the initial stages of lockdown, employers had...


Top Tech Skills By Q2 Job Postings

“During the initial stages of lockdown, employers had particular talent demands, such as sysadmins (system administrators) and other technologists who could quickly adjust their workforces to operating from home offices and cybersecurity experts to keep these newly dispersed networks safe from outside attack,” Dice said in its report. “By the end of Q2, with companies experiencing greater stability, the demand for other specific tech skills has returned.”

Employers prioritized DevOps, Git and information security skills in the second-quarter. Job postings seeking candidates with DevOps skills grew 11 percent, software development skills by 3 percent and information security skills by 2 percent.

SQL was the most-requested skill in tech job postings for the quarter, although those listings declined by 15 percent from the second quarter of 2019. Project management was in the number two spot, but those postings still dropped 22 percent.

“Unsurprising, many other skills dipped year-over-year in the second quarter, which is understandable, considering the marketplace pressures exerted by COVID-19,” Dice said. “However, when we compare demand for skills between May and June, we again see positivity across the board.”

The other top-10 skills that employers were seeking in job candidates were Java, Python, JavaScript, Linux, Oracle, technical support, Scrum and business process expertise. Information systems, DevOps, Git, Microsoft C#, C++, UNIX, Atlassian JIRA, agile development, systems engineering and SQL Server were the 11th through 20th most desired skills.

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