September 28, 2023


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15 of the Fastest-Growing Jobs Today

The coronavirus pandemic has eliminated tens of millions of jobs. If you are now looking for work — or are simply considering a new direction — 15 careers are especially in-demand now, according to job site Indeed.

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Indeed says the careers on the list are expected to have the largest growth rates over the next five years.

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According to Indeed:

“Careers that qualify as in-demand are options that offer long-term growth and contain a large amount of open positions. Industries with in-demand careers seek to fill positions with qualified candidates who possess a specific set of skills and abilities and many of these in-demand jobs are willing to offer certain benefits to encourage longevity.”

The top 15 career fields — ranked by average national salary — are:

  • Software developer: $105,090 per year
  • Statistician: $83,291
  • Information security analyst: $81,555
  • Physical therapist: $74,672
  • Health services administrator: $70,147
  • Web developer: $72,040
  • Registered nurse: $70,366
  • Financial adviser: $66,083
  • Operations research analyst: $61,457
  • Medical technologist: $56,368
  • Truck driver: $57,616‬
  • Physical therapy aide: $33,238
  • Construction worker: $31,616
  • Nursing assistant: $28,454
  • Home health aide: $11.98 per hour

Indeed notes that these jobs run the gamut — from those that require little more than a high school degree to others where an advanced degree might be necessary to get in the door.


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Finding work in tough times

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