What American education was like 100 years ago

Education has and continues to play an essential role in American society, and the first Department of Education—also known as Office of Education or Bureau of Education—was established in 1867 to document and promote the “condition and progress of education” in the United States.

In the early days of American history, educational attainment was seen as less of a priority than it is today. Child labor laws had not yet gone into effect, and many children were required to work, help out on the family farm, or contribute in other ways to the home. As time passed, however, education became increasingly important as a means of getting ahead financially and establishing oneself as a productive member of society.

To understand how American education has evolved over the last century, Stacker investigated historical education data and took a deep dive into a 1993 National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) report that

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How 5G Will Create 300,000 Manufacturing Jobs Over The Next Fifteen Years

In a new paper, the Progressive Policy Institute, working with the National Spectrum Consortium, projects that applications of 5G will create 309,000 manufacturing jobs in the United States over the next 15 years. That’s only a small part of the 4.6 million jobs that 5G is expected to create over that period, according to the paper, “The Third Wave: How 5G Will Drive Job Growth Over the Next Fifteen Years,” which I co-authored with Elliott Long.

The application of 5G to manufacturing is especially important

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Citigroup to offer 6,000 jobs to youths in Asia-Pacific over three years to combat Covid-19’s impact on employment


7 Monthly Dividend Stocks To Buy Now For Safe Payouts

The stock market can be broadly separated into two groups — dividend stocks and non-dividend stocks. Among stocks that pay dividends to shareholders, most do so on a quarterly basis. But there are other directions a company can take with its capital return policy. Some companies decide to pay a dividend once per year, while others pay semi-annually. There are even monthly dividend stocks.Income investors may find monthly dividend stocks to be attractive, as they pay 12 dividends per year. Monthly dividend stocks deliver more frequent income payments than stocks with other payout schedules. * 10 Education Stocks to Buy for the Fall School Season This article will discuss our top 7 monthly dividend stocks right now.InvestorPlace – Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading Tips * Realty Income (NYSE:O) * STAG Industrial (NYSE:STAG) * Shaw Communications (NYSE:SJR) *

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Three Self-Education Industry Predictions For The Coming Years

Founder of Keir Weimer Multimedia, real estate & lifestyle entrepreneur, No. 1 bestselling author, keynote speaker & high-performance coach.

We currently live in a world that is rapidly changing on a near-daily basis right in front of our eyes, forcing us to adapt and pivot in ways that we haven’t had to before. The key to surviving and thriving in this time of extreme change, uncertainty and disruption is being able to be flexible and proactive.

One area that is changing very rapidly is the self-education industry.

One of my companies is a multimedia business in this space that educates, trains and equips people in various ways and areas through coaching programs, digital courses and events. What we have seen in the past few months since the pandemic hit is increased demand for our programs and more and more people searching for ways to retrain and reposition themselves

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why Australia’s Covid jobs crisis could last years

Photograph: William West/AFP/Getty Images

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Photograph: William West/AFP/Getty Images

It is almost 30 years since Australia last slid into recession, a now distant time when no one had heard of the internet and the Property Council had just appointed a young researcher called Scott Morrison.

The then treasurer, Paul Keating, famously said it was the “recession we had to have”, but the slump prompted structural reforms and the economic scars were quickly healed as Australia rode the Chinese tiger to unprecedented prosperity.

Fast-forward three decades and the path out of recession does not look so simple with unemployment climbing to more than 1 million. One expert says “nobody is safe” from redundancy.

The combination of a recession and the coronavirus lockdown laid over the top poses a profound economic challenge for the future labour market.

Low-hanging fruit such as productivity improvements and the transition to a service-based, global-facing economy have

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How Odisha went from skill development nobody to powerhouse in just 4 years

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Bhubaneswar: Four years ago, as the clamour for skill development in India was growing, Odisha was nowhere on the map.

The previous year, 2015, the Narendra Modi government at the Centre had launched the Skill India mission to train over 40 crore people by 2022. But in the eastern state, the skilling sector was utterly neglected — young people steered away from the government-run Industrial Training Institutes or ITIs because of the uninspiring atmosphere and obsolete curriculum.

Cut to 2020, and the difference is stark. Not only are the 49 government-run ITIs in Odisha chock full of enthusiastic young men and women, 11 of them have even managed to be ranked in the top 100 ITIs’ list drawn up by the Union Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, which evaluated over 10,600 government and private ITIs on 27 parameters.

Odisha’s ITI campuses now sport a

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