West Alabama Works Planning Mobile Career Development Events

TUSCALOOSA, AL. — West Alabama Works announced this week it will bring its career development services to communities across the region from Oct. 6-16. The road trip will make stops in Greene, Hale, Marengo, Sumter and Tuscaloosa counties in the hopes of boosting employment fortunes in underserved areas.

West Alabama Works says its mobile workforce units will be used to assist attendees applying for jobs or training opportunities. Additionally, the outreach team will help attendees enter Career Connect, West Alabama Works’ application portal.

The workforce development group said Career Connect links those looking for work with over 16 employers in the automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality and construction industries.

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Outreach and

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How one group works to keep kids in school, even if they’re learning online

AUSTIN (KXAN) — When schools shut down in March, Rukiya Mukarram didn’t know what the future would hold.

“At the time, we didn’t know, how long this thing was going to last. I thought they were going to go back after spring and finish graduation,” Rukiya said.

When that didn’t happen, Rukiya’s son Jibril was forced to finish his senior year of high school online. And that meant a non-profit organization that connected to the Mukarrams and other families in Central Texas through their schools faced a challenge as well.

The Mukarram family (Courtesy Mukarram family)
Daiyan Mukarram, Rukiya Mukarram and Jibril Mukarram (Courtesy Mukarram family)

Communities in Schools has worked for decades to stay true to its mission of education and dropout prevention. Normally, CIS volunteers and staff meet in-person with nearly 6,000 students on 96 campuses across seven school districts. In addition to education, CIS volunteers build relationships and help families experiencing homelessness, food

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New screening technology works to better predict drug’s shelf life and stability

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain

Biopharmaceuticals are a fast-growing sector of the pharmaceutical market, but these protein-based drugs can take many years to bring to market and cost more than $2 billion to develop. A large portion of that time and money is spent attempting to predict which drug from a vast library of candidates is the most stable and will have the longest shelf life. TemperSure, a new drug screening technology from Penn State startup GradienT°, aims to reduce both the time and financial costs in biological drug development by increasing certainty in drug shelf life and expiration dates.

“The challenge for drug developers is that they need to ‘place their bet’ on which drug candidate to further develop, and the costs associated with getting it wrong are significant,” said Dustin Ritter, Penn State technology licensing officer and GradienT°’s industry mentor. “TemperSure’s value lies in its ability to quickly predict

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