Sausalito Marin City voters to decide $41.6M school bond

Voters in the Sausalito Marin City School District will weigh in Nov. 3 on Measure P, a $41.6 million bond to finance repairs and upgrades at the district’s two campuses.

If approved by 55% of voters, the bond would cost property owners $30 per $100,000 of assessed value, raising about $2.5 million annually for capital repairs.

For the district’s average home assessed at about $750,000, that would mean a tax of about $225 annually. The district, which had its last bond measure in 2004 for $16 million, has one of the lowest tax rates in Marin County at $16 per $100,000 of assessed value. There is no parcel tax.

The full tax amount would not be levied until the bonds are issued, likely in a series of about three sales blocks over multiple years. Taxpayers would only be covering the partial tax amount as the bond series are issued, said

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ELECTION 2020: North Dakota voters to decide on expansion of state’s higher education board

The constitutional amendment would increase membership on the State Board of Higher Education from eight to 15 voting members and also increase term length from four years to six years. Additionally the measure would prohibit state employees, officials, legislators, from being members.

The board oversees North Dakota’s 11 public colleges and universities.

Board members are appointed to the position by the governor. They currently can serve up to two, four-year terms. The board also includes a faculty and staff representative, both of whom are non-voting members, and a student representative who can serve for a year who is also appointed by the governor.

The ballot measure would change the process of the student member slightly. Under the ballot measure, the student member would be appointed by the governor from a list of names recommended by the executive board of the North Dakota Student Association. The student member would not be

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