Family Fun: Library videos help students experiment with science at home

Science can be explosively fun – and messy.

That’s what Molly Moore is learning. Moore, an education and enrichment librarian for the Spokane County Library District, is creating weekly Science From Home videos hoping to help children and families engage in STEM – science, technology, engineering and mathematics – activities at home while many students are working remotely this fall.

At 2 p.m. Monday, she’ll post her first video showing how to crack open a watermelon using rubber bands, “a great example of potential energy being converted to kinetic energy,” she said.

Videos will be posted each Monday through Dec. 14 to the library’s Facebook page and YouTube channel. Upcoming experiments will look at soil erosion, lunar craters and exothermic chemical reactions. That last one, often called elephant toothpaste, combines hydrogen peroxide, food coloring and yeast to create a foaming fountain. And, it made a big mess in Moore’s backyard.

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