Tanzania: Bukoba Urban Candidate Vows to Strengthen Education

CHADEMA parliamentary candidate Chifu Adonis Kalumuna in Bukoba Urban District has identified education as among the key sectors he intends to strengthen, if he is elected Member of Parliament (MP)) in the October 20 General Election.

As he was addressing a campaign at Mayunga grounds in Bukoba Municipal Council on Friday other sectors of priority he highlighted included buildings, water and roads.

He noted that it was saddening that Kagera Region had no public-owned higher education institutions despite having a good number of people with a high level of education in the country.

“Unfortunately, two branches namely Cardinal Rugambwa Memorial College (Carumco) and Josiah Kibira Memorial College (JoCUCO) were closed down due to unknown reasons,” he complained.

While Carumco is owned by the Catholic Church, JoCUCO is a Lutheran-owned and were offering diplomas and certificates level.

Mr Kalumuna, who is outgoing mayor and former Kahororo councillor said about 500m/- had

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One People, One House: Goodwill, hope emerge in Elms’ urban education effort

Editor’s note: This viewpoint is part of The Republican’s continuing series, One People, One House, a community dialogue on where we are today on the issues of racism and policing across the country and here at home.

On July 26, as the body of Congressman John Lewis crossed the Edmund Pettus Bridge one last time, America faced an inescapable historical moment. The country is coming to grips with the realization that racial hierarchy, one of the pillars of American society since colonial time, is no longer acceptable.

The majority of the country believes that people should no longer be apportioned more or less life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, based on their race. This is a very hopeful moment for the United States and, all across the country, people are sowing the seeds for a more equitable society. Elms College was ahead of the trend. We have been working

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Urban Green Jobs along Atlanta’s South River

It’s a Monday, and Stephanie Williams is delighted to be at work, pruning, weeding, planting, and restoring the yard of a local elderly woman.

“For the past year, she hadn’t been able to get outside and take care of her yard. Everything was overgrown. She hadn’t had any help in a while,” says Stephanie. “When we left, she was finally able to see her yard and her home for the first time in a long time. That moment, with her standing there laughing and smiling, that was my most favorite moment.”

Stephanie has dedicated much of her professional life to uplifting her community, and in recent months, she has been giving back and learning new skills as a trainee with Urban Green Jobs, a workforce development initiative co-created by HABESHA, Inc. and The Nature Conservancy (TNC). The initiative was launched in 2017, but HABESHA has been a fixture in Atlanta

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Urban unemployment at lowest since lockdown, even as salaried jobs get cut

a group of people sitting on a bench: The urban unemployment rate fell to 8.32 per cent in the week ending 6 September. 

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The urban unemployment rate fell to 8.32 per cent in the week ending 6 September. 

The high unemployment rate in urban India subsided in the week ending 6 September 2020, falling to the lowest level since the lockdown began. The urban unemployment rate fell to 8.32 per cent in the week, according to the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy. Interestingly, the employment situation in urban India has improved despite a severe loss of salaried jobs. An estimated 21 million salaried employees have lost their jobs by the end of August. There were 86 million salaried jobs in India during 2019-20, which fell to 65 million in August 2020. The loss in salaried jobs was the biggest among all types of employment.

So, what pushed urban employment?

Urban India’s growth story in terms of jobs is led by a significant rise in informal jobs. Street

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Cuts to state education aid upend hybrid learning plans at urban schools

ALBANY — State aid cuts are forcing Albany city schools to suspend all in-person learning for grades 7-12 in this fall, a plan that school officials say will result in layoffs at every level — teachers, administrators and support staff.

The school district is expecting a budget shortfall that could range from $18 million to $26 million for the coming academic year due to aid reductions related to the COVID-19 crisis.

The district had previously offered one-to-two days of in-person classes to middle and high school students per week. The hybrid learning model consisted of a teacher or supervising adult assisting the teens with their virtual school work.

Albany schools will move forward with its plan to provide virtual and in-person options for all students in K-6th grade, according to school officials.

“We are at a worldwide pandemic, education all over the country is going to have gaps. That is

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