UKIP Policies | Science and Technology

Conscience is no more important than Science in deciding the path of a nation.

Scientific research underpins not only this Manifesto, but will influence UKIP in its formulation of future policies. We are guided by best scientific practice, drawing on unbiased studies in peer-reviewed articles published in respected scientific journals.

This UKIP commitment to Science is reflected in policy areas as diverse as:

  • Education, where STEMM subjects are given paramount importance.
  • Animal Welfare, where objective measurement of the rapidity of blood flow, and consequent onset of unconsciousness, after the carotid arteries of a mammal are cleanly severed is the principal determinant in assessing the level of suffering of livestock subject to so-called ‘religious’ slaughter.
  • Transport, where suspect ‘scientific’ studies have often been used to justify excessive signage, usage restrictions and road furniture which allegedly increase traffic flow and reduce congestion, and the over-zealous introduction of monitoring cameras and deterrents like
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