The 100 People Transforming Business series showcases leaders driving innovation in manufacturing

  • Robots, 3D printing, and drones are features of the new manufacturing world-order, which even a few years ago seemed experimental.
  • Financing these innovations can sometimes be challenging, however, as margins in manufacturing tend to be thin.
  • Innovation does cause concern over lost employment opportunities. Companies are looking at ways to reskill workers for a more automated future. 
  • 100 People Transforming Business is an annual list and series highlighting those across industries who are changing the way the world does business. Check out the full list for 2020.

The manufacturing industry is in the midst of a major shift to adopt next-generation technologies. “Digital twins” of aircraft and other assets enable companies to monitor parts for maintenance well before they break down, saving valuable time and money. Robots now routinely work alongside humans on factory floors handling mundane tasks, like transporting pallets.

Drones will soon start flying around large warehouses to

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Transforming education with global best practices

In quest of the answers, he travelled through global education hubs while completing his education across Europe, Australia, Asia, and learnt about their education practices so as to imbibe best of these to Ramagya Group. As he became Ramagya’s leadership face and took on the responsibility with wider vision and clear targets, Ramagya School collaborated with the University of California and Cambridge University, paving the way to international exposure for students in more than 150 countries, thereby contributing in progressive vision combined with critical thinking and learning. The revamped and global curriculum also fosters a global outlook in students and motivates them to take up experiential learning.

The untiring zeal, enthusiasm, and the remarkable tact with which Utkarsh Gupta motivates his team has successfully resulted into positioning Ramagya Group as one of the fastest growing brands in the education sector. His strenuous efforts earned Ramagya ‘Great Place to Study (GPTS)’

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