Without better climate education in our schools, the climate crisis will continue to be a runaway train

Growing up less than an hour from the nation’s capital, I considered my education to be unparalleled. In fact, the county in which I attended grade school is the richest county in America. However, it wasn’t until my senior year of high school that I realized my education, and that of my fellow Americans, was severely lacking.

How? Well, while concepts such as parametric equations, rhetorical devices, civic disobedience, and more were thoroughly discussed by my teachers, there was absolutely no discussion about the climate crisis. 

The lack of climate change education

In fact, substantial climate education didn’t even come up till my senior year at my STEM-focused high school. See, I was fortunate enough to graduate from Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, which has been consistently ranked as the best and most rigorous high school in the United States. However, the only discussion of the climate

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