Developers need holistic computer science learning that includes creative and critical thinking

Quality programming requires complex intellectual skill sets to best get the job done. Learn some tips from an industry expert on how to establish a true developer mindset.


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I’ve worked with developers for years in my capacity as a system administrator and I’ve known some truly unique and brilliant personalities. Frankly, I’ve found myself envious of people working in a discipline often committed to “single tasking” rather than the constant multi-tasking my duties entail, even though the single task may be incredibly complex.

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Learning to write quality code isn’t about doing the same thing all day, and while there are some shortcuts like reusable code samples and code development collaboration on sites like Github, developing the right mindset as a developer goes beyond just typing away on a keyboard or

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Stop Confusing Wishful Thinking With Innovation

Since the beginning of the summer, colleges and universities all over the country have been spending millions of dollars trying to make campuses safe for their students to return. This choice has been at the expense of other opportunities, such as bringing back furloughed employees and investing in alternative teaching methods. The general hope has been to create an atmosphere of student learning that is as close as possible to what it was before the pandemic led to the great retreat this past spring. The official strategy has been to “recover lost ground and hold the line.” 

In order to ensure that the money spent was a wise investment, students have had to accept new rules of college-campus engagement: They must comply with mandated coronavirus

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