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Hasan Stephens - Good Life Foundation Founder

Source: Press Handout / Good Life Foundation

Hasan Stephens has a vision for the Black and Latino youth of Syracuse, NY—a city without a single Black radio station—and that is to teach them self-sustainability, using Hip-Hop as a tool. Many have made countless ducats off of the culture, without producing anything worthwhile but Stephens, a South Bronx native (and Hip-Hop head by birthright, really), has effectively angled the culture to inspire innovation in the youth of upstate NY.

Hasan Stephens - Good Life Foundation Founder

Source: Press Handout / Good Life Foundation

Boppy jingles and transparent pandering aside, there’s a short list of people who have created something via Hip-Hop with staying power. Stephens insists that his organization, the Good Life Foundation, is the optimal model to watch. He’s right and the right people are watching.

Currently, the foundation is working on repurposing a warehouse in Syracuse. “Once we get this building up and running (the

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The Baddour Leadership Academy teaches UNC athletes skills for college and beyond

Johnson said the program strives to prepare athletes for lives outside of sports and give them the best chance to find success in the professional world. 

“These are fully transferable life skills that we’ve seen anecdotally that they’ve been able to use beyond Carolina,” she said.

Chase Jones, a former member of the UNC baseball team, said the program taught him leadership skills he hadn’t fully honed coming into college. 

He eventually grew into a pivotal voice on and off the field after fighting off a stage 4 brain cancer diagnosis during his first-year season at North Carolina. After graduating in 2011, he applied the tools given to him from the Leadership Academy to become an outspoken supporter of the fight against childhood cancer, starting the Vs. Cancer Foundation.

“I found that even after graduation, some of these lessons that I have been instilled with really took me a leg

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Douglass Community Services teaches job skills

Posted: Sep. 20, 2020 3:44 pm

HANNIBAL | Douglass Community Services has added a workforce development component to some of its programs to help individuals who are desperate for marketable jobs skills.

For most, these “basics” were taught at an early age, but for some kids and teens, these workplace essentials were never given to them, forcing them tobuild from the ground up. This is when Douglass Community Services steps in to be the link between these individuals and their success in the community.

Douglass Community Services is a partner agency of the United Way of the Mark Twain Area and an active participant in the 2020-21 “Be a Hero” campaign. Douglass serves clients in Ralls, Monroe, Shelby, Lewis and Marion counties, and Pike and Macon counties outside the United Way of the Mark Twain Area service boundaries.

Workforce development is a service that Douglass Community launched as a way

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The Science Zone teaches Idea Lab students STEM and art with 3D printers

CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) – The new three-dimensional printer at the science zone roars to life making a cat that can hold a teabag. This is the second printer The Science Zone has. An educator says the possibilities are endless.

a desktop computer sitting on top of a desk: The Science Zone debuts it's Snapmaker 2

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The Science Zone debuts it’s Snapmaker 2

“Kids are working on a Dungeons and Dragons campaign and printing miniatures and terrain,” said Darcie Gudger, the Idea Lab educator and coordinator.

She adds they hope to print chess pieces next.

Their new machine is called Snapmaker two which can 3D print, burn wood and engrave with a laser. This technology is used in lots of different fields.

“Educators use it because you can print educational materials or games and puzzles,” Gudger said.

She wants to use this technology to give students lots of creative freedom.

“I have one student that’s interested in 3D printing model

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What the A-level debacle teaches us about algorithms and government

Students protest the government’s handling of their exam results. Photo: Isabel Infantes/EMPICS Entertainment

In the face of overwhelming public pressure and looming legal action, the government last week scrapped its algorithm for calculating A-level grades. This resolved pressing concerns about the algorithm’s accuracy and fairness, even if it also created fresh problems for students and universities. But algorithms will continue to play a growing role in public sector decision-making in the UK, across almost all areas and levels of government. It is therefore essential to learn the lessons of this debacle so that history is not repeated.

Much of the A-level controversy focused on substantive issues around how the algorithm operated. For example, was the government right to calculate grades based principally on a school’s historical results rather than a student’s academic performance, and to apply the algorithm only to cohorts of a certain size? These are critically important questions.

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What Brain Science Teaches Us About What We’re Experiencing During The Pandemic And How We Can Cope, Survive And Thrive

The pandemic is here and here for the foreseeable future. That’s our reality. As professional women, we are learning to cope, trying our best to survive and take care of ourselves, our family, and our team. But at what price? Certainly, if you’re feeling exhausted, anxious and depressed, you’re not alone. This experience is taking a toll on our mental health and well-being.

I think it’s important to comprehend how this difficult situation is affecting us, physically and emotionally, so that we can learn the best coping mechanisms. It’s a good time as well for us to understand that there are also opportunities to grow personally and professionally from this experience, despite the fact that it may be challenging most days to see what those lessons may be.

In order to take a deeper look at the effects of the pandemic

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