Wexford Science and Technology tapped as master developer for Midtown innovation district

JumpStart, which moved its offices to Midtown almost a decade ago, could become an anchor tenant in Wexford’s first building.

CEO Ray Leach described the innovation community in Cleveland as decentralized. With better cooperation in a district designed for interaction, he hopes barriers will fall for businesses, institutions and residents of majority Black, low-income neighborhoods on the city’s East Side.

“I’m envisioning hundreds of millions of dollars of more capital, tens of thousands of jobs, a real ability to make an impact around racial and economic inclusion,” Leach said. “I think this is the kind of project that has to happen in order for us to find new and different ways to collaborate.”

JumpStart is one of five organizations, along with the Cleveland Foundation, the Fund for Our Economic Future, the Greater Cleveland Partnership and Team NEO, steering a broader initiative called the Cleveland Innovation Project. That alliance is attempting

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Danville Student Tapped For CA Board Of Education

SACRAMENTO, CA — A San Ramon Valley Unified School District student has been chosen to serve as the lone student member on the board that sets education policy for public schools across California.

Monte Vista High School senior Zaid Fattah, 17, of Danville recently found out he was appointed to the board after a nearly yearlong selection process in which he was interviewed by the governor’s office and current board. As a student member, Fattah will be able to cast votes, just like the rest of the board.

Fattah said he’s had his eye on this position for years.

“I’m feeling exhilarated for this opportunity,” he said. “It’s something that’s really been close to my heart since I really started paying attention to the things that are going on in our education system.”

While he said he’s open-minded on a variety of key education issues, one thing is for sure:

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