Small Oregon school district in county with high COVID-19 rate sues state for barring in-person education

The school board of the tiny Adrian school district near the Idaho border has filed a lawsuit against some Oregon leaders, demanding it be permitted to educate students in person during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The board filed the complaint Thursday against Colt Gill, director of the Oregon Department of Education, and Patrick Allen, director of the Oregon Health Authority.

Adrian is located in Malheur County, which has by far the highest rates of COVID-19 infections in Oregon. It shares a border with Idaho, which has higher case rates and fewer coronavirus restrictions than Oregon.

The state has told schools they can’t operate in person, with some exceptions, unless the county’s positive test rate stays at 5% or lower for three weeks in a row. In Malheur, the positive test rate has ranged from 36% to 41% in the three most recent weeks.

The school board’s complaint claims “if the children

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Teacher’s union sues Cuomo administration over school funding | Local News


ALBANY — New York State United Teachers (NYSUT), the union for public school teachers, has filed a lawsuit against the Cuomo administration, charging its mid-year cuts to school aid violate the state’s constitution.

Numerous districts have already laid off teachers and instructional aides in preparation for reductions in state aid.

The Norwich School District in Chenango County, for instance, has already idled 44 of its employees this month in response to the cut in funding from Albany, according to NYSUT.

“Our students and families deserve better than staffing and program cuts just as we begin a new school year with unprecedented challenges,” Andy Pallotta, the union’s president, said. “A high-quality education is a vital service that’s central to helping communities thrive.”

The Cuomo administration argued the union is distorting the severity of the modifications to school funding. It suggested that NYSUT instead focus on backing its call for a $59

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Teachers union sues state over school funding

ALBANY, N.Y. (WWNY) – New York’s largest teachers union is suing the state over reductions in school aid.

a pencil and paper: School money

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School money

The lawsuit filed in Albany County Supreme Court by New York State United Teachers seeks the release of state money withheld in July, August, and September.

The filing also seeks an injunction against withholding or delaying future school funding payments.

In the meantime, the state’s budget director has said there are no plans to slash finding until after November’s election.

The reason for potential cuts is loss of state revenues because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has threatened to cut aid to schools and local governments by 20 percent unless the federal government delivers an aid package to make up the loss.

NYSUT says a 20 percent cut to school districts is potentially “catastrophic.”

“With the loss of state funding driving cuts

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Teachers union sues Cuomo over school aid cuts, claim governor’s spending power is unconstitutional

ALBANY — The state’s largest teachers union is suing Gov. Cuomo over funds withheld from school districts across New York and claims his spending power is unconstitutional.

Andrew Cuomo wearing a suit and tie: New York state Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaks at a news conference on September 08, 2020 in New York City.

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New York state Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaks at a news conference on September 08, 2020 in New York City.

The suit, filed Wednesday in Albany Supreme Court, argues that the state is illegally withholding $5.2 billion in school aid and that the governor has no constitutional authority to cut the budget despite sweeping powers granted to him by the Legislature amid the pandemic.

“Time is up,” New York State United Teachers president Andy Pallotta said. “With the loss of state funding driving cuts at the local level in districts around the state, we can’t just keep waiting for action at the federal level to fund our schools.”

Lawmakers gave Cuomo broad power to amend and cut the budget as

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