First KU School of Professional Studies class starts this fall, pursues workforce-oriented education


What Investors With $3.4 Trillion Are Buying During Covid

(Bloomberg) — Hotels, pipelines, convenience stores and automaker bonds are among the assets being bought by some of the world’s biggest asset managers as they look for value in a world thrown into turmoil by the coronavirus pandemic.In interviews with sovereign wealth funds, pension firms and asset managers across Asia and Europe that collectively manage about $3.4 trillion, one thing was clear: many of them are avoiding the overheated stock market.The most common outlook was one of caution. They are mindful that much of the rebound in markets and private-company valuations is thanks to ultra-low interest rates, massive central bank stimulus and government fiscal support, some of which could start to be wound back in coming months.With asset values still seen as inflated, even in some hot areas like healthcare and technology, many are waiting for a potential second downturn

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Professor honored for work introducing gender and feminist theory into social science studies

Sharon Traweek, associate professor of gender studies and history in the UCLA College, has received the Bernal prize from the Society for Social Studies of Science. The prize was awarded in recognition of Traweek’s internationally recognized work and in particular her pioneering methods helped to introduce ethnography, cultural analysis, gender and feminist theory into social science studies, all while providing exceptional mentorship to younger scholars in the field.

Traweek teaches and conducts research on 20th and 21st century “technosciences,” attending to their embodied gendered performance of subject formation of expertise, knowledge crafting, migration and narrative practices, including their strategic engagements with the global political economies in which they are embedded.

Her ethnographic, archival and theoretical work is informed by feminist epistemology and science studies, plus debates about affect, governmentality, intersectionality, performance and practice. Traweek is now engaged in or advising research collaborations based in Denmark, Japan, Sweden, the United Kingdom

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