Teton School District struggles with COVID contract tracing, county to step in to support

DRIGGS — On Sunday evening, Victor resident Maura Connelly Anderson posted on social media that her Driggs Elementary School first-grader had tested positive for COVID-19.

“When the doctor tells you the test was good and they got a lot of virus on the COVID swab, what does the COVID-positive kid say?,” she half-joked online. “‘It’s not my fault, it’s the guy who ate the bats’ fault!’”

Her light approach to a weighty topic was followed by a more serious tone. Her son, she wrote, rides bus numbers 16 and 19, plays soccer on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and his first symptom was laryngitis followed by vomiting.

“Trust your kids’ tummy aches,” she wrote.

After her Sunday post, Anderson’s concerns had gone beyond her personal social media page. Unable to find information or protocols for a public school family with a COVID positive student, Anderson posted a public letter to the Community

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Congress, President Trump must step in an save aviation jobs


American Airlines said in July that it plans to layoff or furlough nearly 1,500 employees in Mecklenburg, 739 in Wake County and 370 in Forsyth County starting Oct. 1 unless federal protections for the aviation industry are extended. The protections expire Sept. 30.


Congress, help the aviation industry

I am an American Airlines flight attendant based in Charlotte. COVID-19 is the worst crisis to hit the industry in the history of commercial aviation.

Congress passed the Payroll Support Program to save aviation jobs and stabilize our industry. However, thousands of jobs will disappear on Oct. 1 if Congress does not extend PSP.

Aviation is essential to a strong economy, including Charlotte’s local economy. Extending PSP can only happen if Congress and the White House negotiate and pass a stimulus bill.

Washington: Do your job so I can do mine. Americans will be ready to travel

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Child care providers step up for remote back-to-school as Kansas considers funding – News – The Topeka Capital-Journal

When back-to-school day was approaching, Victor Rodriguez decided his oldest child, who is registered with Whitson Elementary School in Topeka, was staying home.

“We’re not sending her to school like two days here and then online,” he said. “I decided they’re not going to school the whole year until we see what’s going on with this pandemic.”

But Rodriguez faced a dilemma: how to continue running his restaurant to pay the bills and how to take care of his three children, all 5 years old or younger, at the same time. It’s something he has juggled with since the pandemic hit.

“Having three children, it becomes very expensive to have a caretaker or day care. One is expensive already, but three multiples it,” Rodriguez said.

He came up with a solution. Last week, Rodriguez opened up California Kids Child Care to not only take care of his own children but

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IEA chief praises Little’s school-funding restoration move as ‘positive step’ | Eye on Boise

Idaho Education Association President Layne McInelly issued a statement today welcoming Gov. Brad Little’s announcement that he’ll fully restore the $99 million cut from the K-12 school budget this year as “welcome and encouraging news.” McInelly had called for the funding restoration earlier this week after state revenues came in well ahead of projections. Today’s announcement is that the state will tap federal CARES Act funds to make up the cuts. Here is McInelly’s full statement:

“Today’s announcement from Governor Little that $99 million will be made available to Idaho’s K-12 public schools is welcome and encouraging news. These funds essentially backfill the $98.7 million that was held back in the early stages of the COVID-19 crisis and will certainly be put to great use for students and professional educators. Opening our schools safely requires additional personnel and resources, and this restoration of funds will enable school districts to better

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National Education Policy Landmark Step In Clearing Anomalies In Education Sector: Minister Jitendra Singh

National Education Policy Landmark Step In Clearing Anomalies In Education Sector: Minister Jitendra Singh

National Education Policy Landmark Step In Clearing Anomalies In Education Sector: Minister Jitendra Singh

New Delhi:

Union Minister Jitendra Singh said the introduction of the National Education Policy was a landmark step by the Modi government in clearing several anomalies prevailing in the education system of the country, according to an official statement. Addressing a webinar on “National Education Policy-2020: Health Education Perspective”, he said it was the strong political will of the Modi government to take out of the box decision of introducing the NEP which focuses more on skill and vocational education.

Singh, Minister of State for Personnel, said major reforms were introduced in higher education, including a target of 50 per cent gross enrolment ratio by 2035 and a provision for multiple entry and exit in the new education policy. The introduction of the National Education Policy-2020 was a landmark step by the Modi government in clearing

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