First KU School of Professional Studies class starts this fall, pursues workforce-oriented education


What Investors With $3.4 Trillion Are Buying During Covid

(Bloomberg) — Hotels, pipelines, convenience stores and automaker bonds are among the assets being bought by some of the world’s biggest asset managers as they look for value in a world thrown into turmoil by the coronavirus pandemic.In interviews with sovereign wealth funds, pension firms and asset managers across Asia and Europe that collectively manage about $3.4 trillion, one thing was clear: many of them are avoiding the overheated stock market.The most common outlook was one of caution. They are mindful that much of the rebound in markets and private-company valuations is thanks to ultra-low interest rates, massive central bank stimulus and government fiscal support, some of which could start to be wound back in coming months.With asset values still seen as inflated, even in some hot areas like healthcare and technology, many are waiting for a potential second downturn

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Metro Detroit author starts homeschool program focused on character education, social skills

DETROIT – A Metro Detroit author started a home school when the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic first hit, but the focus is not on math or English.

The focus is on social skills that many parents are worried about with their children still being at home. The program has continued into the fall.

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“I loved that communication before and after class, where they could ask questions, and it’s super interactive as well,” Maria Dismondy said.

Imagine a virtual classroom where students are getting lessons in how to work out sibling rivalry and that has a focus on rivalry and focus on diversity and mental health.

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Dismondy is teaching social skills in a virtual classroom. Sunnyside Homeschool focuses on positivity and mental wellness.

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Amazon Career Day Starts Today With 33,000 Available Jobs

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen millions of Americans left without jobs. This event has forced many workers to seek new means of employment or possibly change career paths. On top of the massive unemployment numbers, we have also seen many S&P 500 companies implement company wide hiring freezes. For companies that are continuing to hire employees in work from home environment, there are many challenges. While many companies are slowing down hiring, Amazon shows no signs of the sort and continues to hire. The company is very much in demand, while many Americans are ordering groceries and essential items online and using AWS cloud services.  

It is an interesting time to be a job seeker. Many people who lost jobs amidst the Covid-19 pandemic will have to search for jobs outside of its previous industry and possibly outside its core competency. According to a recent Amazon survey that

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Alum starts ‘Career Coaching Company’ to help students in the job hunt

A side angle photo of a MacBook Air with the screen displaying the landing page of the website The page reads the words “Land Your Dream Job” in white text and the background is a photo of the Empire State Building and many other lit up buildings during sunset. The company’s logo is in the top right corner and the top is the menu bar including eight tabs including some that read “About,” “Services” and “Contact.”
After seeing the need for advice and direction for undergraduate students going through the job recruitment process during a pandemic, alum A.J. Eckstein wanted to help out where he could. In April, he started the Career Coaching Company to help students score competitive jobs. (Vincent Leo | Daily Trojan)

A.J. Eckstein lived his college dream: he secured several internships with Fortune 500 companies and had a coveted post-graduation job lined up with Accenture. When the coronavirus spiraled the economy into a downfall and unemployment rates skyrocketed, Eckstein’s plans luckily stayed the same. 

But in that time, Eckstein noticed many of his peers didn’t have the same fortune. Dedicated to creating opportunities for students navigating the uncharted waters of job recruitment amid the pandemic, Eckstein started the Career Coaching Company in April. Through resume building and behavioral coaching, Eckstein hopes to provide support for students in need. In just the past

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