To Sleep In A Sea of Stars and the Importance of Optimism in Sci-Fi

Christopher Paolini: I grew up reading as much science fiction as fantasy. So for me, it was a very natural transition. My dad was and is a huge science fiction fan. My mom was a fantasy reader, so I kind of got both genres from them. And I just love the possibilities of science fiction, and I love how a lot of science fiction talks about the future of humanity, especially as we may be moving off this planet and exploring the rest of the universe. And I was also wanting a change from fantasy after working on The Inheritance Cycle for about 12 years, from 15 to 26/27. That’s a large chunk of one’s life to be put into one project. So yeah, science fiction felt like a very natural fit.

Which came first for you, did you already have an idea that you wanted to write in science-fiction?

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Googlebox stars’ secrets from unseen family to their actual jobs

Gogglebox returned to our screens on Friday night, with the star’s giving their hilarious opinions on this week’s top TV.

The show has always been popular but this year has drawn in millions of viewers as people turned to the programme to bring some light relief to lockdown.

Some people taking part in the show have been catapulted to stardom, such as Scarlett Moffatt and couple Steph and Dom Parker.

While we get invited into their living rooms each week, not much is known about what goes on in their lives once the cameras stop rolling – reports Mirror Online.

Most of the stars have very normal jobs, as they are only paid with a small allowance and takeaways while filming.

But there are a few surprises, and lots of unseen family members that have never appeared on-screen.

With Gogglebox coming back to our screens for a brand new 16th

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