Former Stanford reliever pitches personal-finance education through storytelling

Sahil Bloom’s story began with, well, a story.

Tim Cook wearing a suit and tie: Sahil Bloom (right) with one of his mentors, Apple CEO Tim Cook.

© Courtesy of Sahil Bloom
Sahil Bloom (right) with one of his mentors, Apple CEO Tim Cook.

In May, the Weston native and former Stanford baseball pitcher wanted to find a simple, effective way to communicate his knowledge of the financial market to the public in the midst of a tumultuous economy. So he started a Twitter thread for his approximately 500 followers, explaining why the stock market was on its way back up even while unemployment rose to all-time highs.

He used a parable about an Italian market and explained the concept in uncomplicated terms.

“It got picked up by a few accounts … and all of a sudden I had gone from 500 to 1,500 followers, and I kind of thought, ‘Wow, maybe I’m onto something here with simplifying these things with little stories and breaking down these concepts in

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Stanford Program in Law, Science & Technology – Programs and Centers

The Stanford Program in Law, Science & Technology (LST) combines the resources of Stanford Law School—including renowned faculty experts, alumni practicing on the cutting edge of technology law, technologically savvy and enthusiastic students, and a location in the heart of Silicon Valley—to address the many questions arising from the increasingly prominent role that science and technology play in both national and global arenas. The program acts to help students, legal professionals, businesspeople, government officials, and the public at large to identify those questions and find innovative answers to them.

The program seeks to:

  • Give every Stanford Law student the opportunity to address these issues through innovative coursework, in preparation for practice at the highest level of law’s intersections with science and technology.
  • Raise professional understanding and public awareness of technical and ethical challenges.
  • Promote informed public policies on science and technology in national and global arenas.
  • Contribute to the international
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