Few new hires have the skills needed for the job, survey shows

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  • Only 16% of new hires possess the skills needed for their current jobs and the jobs of the future, according to Gartner analysis released September 10. “Existing roles may require up to 10 new skills by 2021,” the organization noted.
  • Traditional talent acquisition sources may not enable employers to find these new skills in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, Gartner said, potentially leading employers to prioritize skills over “candidate profiles” that may miss out on workers that are largely self-taught. “Traditional recruiting methods are unable to compete with the large-scale shifts to the workplace and the labor market,” Lauren Smith, vice president in the Gartner HR practice, said a press release.
  • To find the right skills in the market, companies may need to consider how to broaden their candidate search criteria and also focus on internal development of employees, potentially through “accelerated training programs.”

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Less than one-third of Catholic school students opt for online class, data shows

Cynthia Springer divided the main floor of her Edmonton home into three separate classrooms as her children began online classes through Edmonton Catholic Schools this month.

In a normal year, the kindergarten, Grade 2 and Grade 5 students would be spending their days at Monsignor William Irwin Catholic School in Terwillegar.

Instead, Springer, who worked as a teacher before switching to being a stay-at-home parent, circulates among her three children throughout the day, checking on how class is going and running breaks and lunchtimes.

While it can be a bit hectic balancing competing demands, she said it’s the best option for her family.

“I just thought it was easier for us,” she said. “It’s uncertain right now, what’s going to happen. It’s safer for us to be at home.”

Springer said another factor was that her son has mild asthma.

“All three of my kids catch every sickness that goes

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Venminder Virtual 3-Day Bootcamp Shows High Demand for Continued Education in Third-Party Risk Management

Venminder, an industry recognized provider of third-party risk management solutions, announced that they have received a record breaking number of registrants for its upcoming three-day Third-Party Risk Management Bootcamp.

ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky., Sept. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Venminder, an industry recognized provider of third-party risk management solutions, announced that they have received a record breaking number of registrants for its upcoming three-day Third-Party Risk Management Bootcamp. The event is scheduled to be held online September 8-10, with 2-hour sessions each day. The bootcamp is CPE credit eligible and designed for those responsible for or involved in third-party risk and is structured to cover the latest trends while also showing participants exactly how to accomplish some of the most challenging vendor risk management tasks.

“Running a vendor risk management program in a non-pandemic environment already requires a large amount of resources to assess, manage and mitigate the risk,” said James

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U.S. regains 1.4 million jobs in August and unemployment drops to 8.4% as economic recovery shows resilience


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The numbers: The U.S. regained 1.4 million jobs in August and the unemployment rate posted a surprisingly large drop to 8.4%, suggesting an economic recovery is still plowing ahead even if the pace of growth has slowed since the start of the summer.


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The increase in hiring last month exceeded Wall Street’s forecast. Economists polled by MarketWatch had forecast a 1.2 million gain. U.S. stocks fell in Friday trades.

The employment picture was a bit softer after stripping out the hiring of 238,000 temporary Census workers and those who work in public education.

Private-sector hiring rose by 1 million, down from 1.48 million in July, the government said Friday.

The most positive news was a big reduction in the official jobless rate to 8.4% from 10.2%, marking the fourth straight decline from a pandemic peak of 14.7%. A separate survey of households showed a much larger

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Watch Thousands of Thought-Provoking Shows and Documentaries on Curiosity Stream

After binge-watching hours and hours of everything on Netflix, your brain cells are probably crying out for something more educational than true crime documentaries, and more enriching than a sitcom you’ve already seen dozens of times. Shouldn’t there be, your brain wonders, something better out there in the streaming universe? Curiosity Stream is the streaming platform that answers this question with a very emphatic =“Yes.” It offers thousands of great documentary series and films for your viewing pleasure and edification and for much less than the cost of a subscription to Netflix or Hulu.

Curiosity Stream is home to the best documentaries on the planet, many of them award-winning originals to the Curiosity Stream platform. These programs span every corner of the physical universe and beyond in terms of subject matter, with everything from science and technology to history, nature, society, and more.

Here’s a sampling of some of the

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Photo shows students jammed together at Florida high school

Volusia County Schools started Monday with a number of health and safety guidelines in place. One of these guidelines encourages safe distancing.

We are aware of a picture circulating that shows a large group of students waiting for schedules at Spruce Creek High School. When administrators saw the large crowd forming, they immediately dispersed the crowd. We believe this picture is a snapshot of a gathering that lasted just a few minutes.

That said, we are committed to making Volusia County Schools as safe as possible.

Many strategies are in place to prevent large gatherings and to provide the ability to socially distance in classrooms and hallways. We’ve added additional lunch periods so that fewer students are at lunch at one time. Hallways are monitored for distancing and many schools have one-way traffic to allow students to remain apart as they transition during class periods. We have a mandatory face-covering

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Harness 2020 State of Developer Satisfaction Report Shows Impact of Coronavirus on Software Development

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Harness, the platform for software delivery, today announced its 2020 State of Developer Satisfaction Report. The report features insights from 500 IT and engineering professionals across software and finance industries on the impact that demographics, job skills, company culture and the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic have on software delivery and job satisfaction.

The skills developers provide are hard to find and easy to lose, and the Coronavirus pandemic has introduced a bevy of new challenges that developers have never encountered before, from company-wide shifts to remote work, budget cuts, layoffs, and salary freezes. Product development has never been more important to a company’s survival. Thus, the overall satisfaction of today’s developer workforce is critical.

The report reveals that over half of developers (52%) are happier in their roles since COVID-19 began. Developers are overwhelmingly satisfied (94%) with their employer’s investment in employee

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The Best TV Shows and Movies to Binge-Watch in September

Congratulations! You’ve made it to September. This year has been a roller coaster for everyone, but as we collectively flip the page on the calendar and usher in the beginning of autumn (depending on where you live, the weather may or may not reflect this), it’s important to remember that even though this hasn’t been the year most of us expected, there has been plenty of excellent TV to pass the time.

That’s why our staff has curated dozens upon dozens of recommendation lists to help you find the best shows and movies for you to watch next. Whether you’re hoping to find a rom-com to sweep you off your feet, a sci-fi show that will allow you escape, or a lavish historical drama to whisk you away to another time altogether, the comprehensive list below features a bit of everything to help you get through this difficult time.


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