Singapore glass technology company sets up shop in Columbus – Business – The Columbus Dispatch

A Singapore company is moving to Columbus to find its niche in the emerging “smart glass” industry.

A Singapore company is moving to Columbus with the goal of transforming the emerging “smart glass” industry.

The company, Nodis, has developed what it says is a less-expensive way to produce glass that can be tinted and otherwise controlled by a user.

Nodis worked for five years in Singapore to develop its TruTint technology and is now moving its executive team to Columbus. The company plans to open a factory in central Ohio to manufacture its key “nano particle” component, which will be applied to a film in Korea before being shipped to glass manufacturers worldwide to embed in the final smart glass product.

“We use nano particles suspended in liquid that can be oriented when a voltage is applied, acting like a shutter on the window,” said Mike Holt, an adviser to

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