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How do you solve a moon mystery? Fire a laser at it

The moon is drifting away. Every year, it gets about an inch and a half farther from us.

For decades, scientists have measured the moon’s retreat by firing a laser at light-reflecting panels, known as retroreflectors, that were left on the lunar surface, and then timing the light’s round trip. But the moon’s five retroreflectors are old, and they’re now much less efficient at flinging back light. To determine whether a layer of moon dust might be the culprit, researchers devised an audacious plan: they bounced laser light off a much smaller but newer retroreflector mounted aboard a Nasa spacecraft that was skimming over the moon’s surface at thousands of miles per hour – and it worked. These results have been published in the journal Earth, Planets and Space.

A laser being beamed at the Lunar Reconnaissance
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Dad fired from two jobs after shielding his kids in Bronx shooting

A father was fired after risking his life to save his three kids who are aged 2, 5 and 6.

Anthony Jefferson was at a car dealership on Monday at 4077 Boston Road in the Bronx after trying to buy a car to surprise his wife on her birthday when three suspects entered the facility and started shooting.

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In the video obtained by TMZ, the father is seen sitting on the couch with the kids as a glass behind them shattered and a gunman appeared. Jefferson quickly got down on the ground to cover the children and a bullet is seen piercing through the sofa they were just sitting on. Bullets entered Johnson’s right thigh and boot. Despite him being released from the hospital, he can’t walk and still needs additional surgery.

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Maryland official who oversaw Black history commission fired for posting memes that showed support for Kenosha shooting suspect

A Maryland official who oversaw the state’s commission on Black history is out of a job after he posted memes that appeared to show support for the teen gunman who allegedly killed two men during unrest that followed a protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Arthur Love IV, the deputy director for Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan’s Office of Community Initiatives (GOCI), was fired for posting the memes on a private Facebook account, Steven McAdams, the executive director for the Governor’s Office of Community Initiatives, said.

The images referenced 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, the white teenager who allegedly killed the men amid protests over the police shooting of Jacob Blake, a 29-year-old Black man.

The images appeared on a Facebook account believed to belong to the staffer named “Mac Love,” according to Maryland Matters, an independent news site focusing on Maryland government and politics, its website says.

CNN was unable to independently view the

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