More than 95,000 job, training opportunities made available so far under SGUnited package: MOM

SINGAPORE: More than 95,000 opportunities under the SGUnited Jobs and Skills Package have been made available to job seekers so far, said Minister for Manpower Josephine Teo on Friday (Sep 4). 

Responding to parliamentary questions, Mrs Teo said the 95,000 opportunities include 65,000 job opportunities, close to 20,000 company-hosted traineeships, attachments or training places and more than 10,000 opportunities under the SGUnited skills programme. 

Announced in May during the fourth Budget to tide Singaporeans through the COVID-19 pandemic, the SGUnited Jobs and Skills Package is a S$2 billion programme aimed at creating 100,000 job, attachment and training openings.

The Government has helped to place more than 25,000 individuals with jobs, traineeships and training places, Mrs Teo added, with 24,000 people across various age groups placed into new jobs. 

“About half are in the public sector, with another quarter in the modern services and lifestyle sectors,” she said. “The

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About 330 offered jobs with start-ups under SGUnited package between April and June

SINGAPORE: About 330 job seekers have taken up jobs with start-ups under the SGUnited Jobs and Skills Package between April and June, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) said in its second report on the local jobs market on Thursday (Aug 20).

About half were mid-career workers who took part in the professional conversion programmes (PCPs).

Another 150 fresh and recent graduates have entered the start-up scene under the SGUnited Traineeships Programme since June.

To date, more than 1,600 start-ups are offering over 4,600 jobs and 860 traineeships and attachments, as part of the S$2 billion SGUnited Jobs and Skills Package announced in May during the fourth Budget.

These openings include “unconventional” roles such as gallery manager executive, as well as tech-related positions such as software developers and app developers.

Start-ups are also on the lookout for non-tech roles like sous chefs and business development leads.


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