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Career, energy coach advises to job seekers to pay attention to their mindset

As the number of laid-off workers seeking unemployment benefits continues to rise during the coronavirus pandemic, many people are looking for work. WGN News has started a series called “Back to Work” in an effort to help with those looking for jobs.

Neha O’Rourke is the founder, career and energy coach at Somewhere In Between Coaching and offers her advice on the job search.

“Remember life is about the journey, not the destination,” she said.

O’Rourke calls it the “Somewhere In Between.”

More often than not, when we’re in an undefined “between” place we are labelled as confused, in crisis, or merely an outsider. It’s time to reframe that thinking because it’s those moments in between where we learn, grow and experience life’s magic.

Rather than fixating on the outcome, she advises job seekers to remind themselves of empowering thoughts and past times

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Help for mid-career job seekers to move into biomedical roles, Manpower News & Top Stories

More help will be given to local mid-career job seekers to move into new roles in Singapore’s biomedical science sector, even as the nation continues to position itself as a regional hub to draw in investments and jobs in this area.

For example, some 300 professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMETs) are expected to benefit from an 18-month professional conversion programme launched yesterday to prepare them for jobs in this sector, which has remained a bright spot amid the recession-hit economy. These include roles such as biotechnologists, production engineers and process development engineers.

And even as Singapore looks to building up a skilled workforce in the biomedical science industry, Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing said yesterday that efforts are also under way to anchor this sector here, to create new opportunities for businesses.

The Republic will not compete with others based on the cost of its labour and

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Google Kormo Jobs App Launched In India To Help Job Seekers


Google has been releasing a steady stream of services dedicated to India. The latest one is the Kormo Jobs app, which debuted in Bangladesh back in 2018. The new Kormo Jobs app, as the name suggests helps people create their digital CV and lists jobs.

Google Kormo Jobs App Features

The Kormo Jobs app lets you find recommended jobs, based on the digital CV you create. The platform helps you find the right job, which is handy in these difficult times. Plus, the app also helps you with tools to upgrade your career and add new skills to your profile. As noted, you can create your digital CV and share it with prospective employers or take a print out via the app.

Looking back, the Kormo Jobs platform isn’t entirely new. Google initially brought in a similar experience via the Jobs Spot

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Career counselor offers her best two tips for job seekers

As the number of laid-off workers seeking unemployment benefits continues to rise during the coronavirus pandemic, many people are looking for work.

Sarah Seavey is a career counselor and the founder, Career Vision. She spoke to the WGN Evening News and offered tips for those looking and applying for jobs.

Among her advice is to leverage your network.  

“The two ways to land an interview are by your resume or by a referral,” she said. “When planning your job search, give yourself the best odds of landing an interview by creating both a quality resume and leveraging your network.”

She said this means reaching out to your contacts and asking for recommendations and advice.

Seavey said to also be aware of Applicant Tracking Systems, programs used by corporations to recruit and hire.

“The system are primarily used to collect, organize, and filter applicants.

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The Rude, Inconsiderate Things Job Seekers Are Forced To Endure In The Job Search And Interviewing Process

We’re six months into the Covid-19 pandemic and millions of Americans are out of work or desperately worried that they’ll lose their jobs. Going through this ordeal is mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually damaging. 

To add insult to injury, instead of being empathetic, understanding and caring about people who are seeking out a new job and interviewing during this time, corporations and their representatives, according to the hundred-plus people I’ve spoken to, are indifferent and callous.

Here is what job seekers are saying about their experiences, as they look for a new job.

Juwairia Abbas was surprised and incensed when a recruiter first asked, “Are you a U.S. citizen? Do you need sponsorship?” Abbas said of the interaction, “Clearly, nothing prompts this question aside from my skin color and name.” A review of her résumé would have shown her experiences, including law school, were based in the United States. 

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