Don’t Overlook These Two Perspectives In The Job Search

When Brian, a well-known data scientist, was laid off in April, he said it was “one of the worst nights of sleep of my life.” He wondered how he would take care of his family, and what sacrifices they would have to make. 

“Oh, and by the way,” he said, “there’s Covid raging in the background.” Because of this, losing healthcare was a huge fear. 

The ramifications of unemployment bring many fears for the millions of unemployed Americans. While the most recent jobs report shows job prospects slowly improving, there are still 7.8 million more people unemployed now than in February.

The millions who are unemployed face an emotional toll that can impact their job search. While securing a new job remains difficult, two perspectives can give you an edge: the perspective

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You Should Never Wait For A Layoff To Prepare For Your Job Search

Communications Specialist for Insperity Recruiting Services, specializing in employment branding and recruitment marketing.

A few short months ago, the U.S. unemployment rate dropped to 3.5%, its lowest since 1969. The economy had added jobs for nearly eight straight years, and the resulting candidate’s market often afforded job seekers their pick of multiple offers. Then, suddenly, everything changed. An unexpected global pandemic caused the unemployment rate to shoot up to 14.7% in less than two months. Seemingly overnight, employees who considered their jobs secure were now out of work.

In the months from April to July, the economy began to slowly recover, with the unemployment rate falling to 10.2%. However, 16.3 million Americans are currently unemployed, an increase of 10.6 million since February. Now, there are two types of workers/prospective workers: those looking for a job, and those who should be prepared to look for a job. Though Covid-19 has

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The job search after the layoff

With layoffs happening across sectors and new jobs hard to come by, new platforms have sprung up to ensure these unfortunate professionals have a new work card, as quickly as possible. These services are offered on a pro bono basis.

Support for techies

Over 400 professionals have listed themselves on ‘Support and Survive IT’, a public spread sheet that unites those laid-off due to COVID-19 and potential employers. A talent identification number is assigned to each professional to ensure privacy.

Support and Survive IT is an initiative by TechnoPark Today, a techies collective that is creating a pool of jobs at IT parks in Kerala. Since its launch, this platform has seen to it that 34 IT professionals have been placed in companies. And offer letters have been sent to another 20.

Renjith Ramachandran of Technopark Today says small and medium-sized organisations have requirements and don’t always rely on big

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5 Simple Ways To Maximize Your Job Search

A job search can be stressful and overwhelming, especially in the middle of a pandemic. You may even question whether it makes sense to continue to apply for positions. Yet, the rapidly changing work environment may also bring about new opportunities. Whether you’re looking for a new job or considering a full-blown career change, these tips will help you maximize your efforts during these trying times.

Adopt a creator mindset

Even amid a pandemic, it’s possible to find professional fulfillment. Successful people understand that there is only one person responsible for their career. That person is you. It’s easy to blame external factors for our failures and disappointments, but ultimately you can create the life that you want. Instead of thinking the world is out to get you,

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Bertha Schwartz’s newly released “Billy Joe’s Search for Education” follows a courageous teen in his pursuit for education

MEADVILLE, Pa., Sept. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — “Billy Joe’s Search for Education”: a riveting journey of a teen living in a neighborhood of cheats, family feuds, and lack of education. “Billy Joe’s Search for Education” is the creation of published author Bertha Schwartz, an excellent writer of tales.

Schwartz shares, “Fourteen-year-old Billy Joe is suspicious the city buyers are cheating his people, the uneducated hill folks from Bear Claw Valley in Virginia.

“Mr. Grant from Three Pines Mercantile has been teaching Billy Joe some as he works for him. But most of the hill folks are against schooling, fearing the change it will bring to the valley.

“The long-standing feud between the O’Conners and the McKinleys is strong. But when Billy Joe proves the dog buyers are cheating both his pa, an O’Conner, and the McKinleys, Billy Joe is caught in the middle.

“When Uncle

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When You Are Miserable On The Job But Too Busy For A Job Search

I once had a client in the legal industry who hated his job but was so busy at work that he had no time for his job search. He worked long hours (12 was routine, but days could be longer and include weekends), so he was too exhausted to do much else by the time he got home. His schedule was volatile, so it was difficult to make plans – say, for networking after work or certainly for interviews. Finally, his workday included few, if any, breaks and always involved other people more senior to him, so it felt impossible to break away during business hours.

He couldn’t afford to leave without another job lined up. He was miserable on the job but too busy for a job search that would enable him to leave. His situation

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The Rude, Inconsiderate Things Job Seekers Are Forced To Endure In The Job Search And Interviewing Process

We’re six months into the Covid-19 pandemic and millions of Americans are out of work or desperately worried that they’ll lose their jobs. Going through this ordeal is mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually damaging. 

To add insult to injury, instead of being empathetic, understanding and caring about people who are seeking out a new job and interviewing during this time, corporations and their representatives, according to the hundred-plus people I’ve spoken to, are indifferent and callous.

Here is what job seekers are saying about their experiences, as they look for a new job.

Juwairia Abbas was surprised and incensed when a recruiter first asked, “Are you a U.S. citizen? Do you need sponsorship?” Abbas said of the interaction, “Clearly, nothing prompts this question aside from my skin color and name.” A review of her résumé would have shown her experiences, including law school, were based in the United States. 

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How To Spot Job Search Scams And Protect Yourself

Job-opportunity scams have risen with the growing level of unemployment. Below I explain how to spot them by analyzing an actual scam message that hoodwinked some recipients. It turns out that the scam message was sent from a real recruiter’s hacked LinkedIn account, which made this deception more believable (note: if you ever suspect your LinkedIn account has been hacked, get help here).

While reading through the warning signs I highlight in the message, keep in mind the most common types of scams:

  • “Phishing” which involves clicking on a link so you’ll a) fill out a form and submit personal and financial information for identity theft, or b) unknowingly download malicious software onto your computer.
  • Asking for money or for you to buy something. A legitimate employer will never ask you to transfer money from your account for any reason, nor will they ask you to buy anything from
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The Two Biggest Lies In The Job Search Process

jhon yudha

Frustrated with unemployment and wondering how to make some financial progress during the coronavirus pandemic? You are not alone. Forbes reports that approximately 30 million Americans are receiving unemployment benefits – about 1 in 5 workers. A recent survey conducted during the week of August 26 by Ipsos shows that 51% of respondents said it’s likely they or someone they know might lose their job in the next six months. In the midst of these statistics and sentiments, finding a new career can seem daunting – especially if you’re exiting an industry that’s been punished by the pandemic (travel, tourism, hospitality and retail, to name a few). Yet there are those who will be able to transition, to position themselves for new career opportunities, even in these difficult times. Is it time to change careers? If you want to make progress, drop

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