Bertha Schwartz’s newly released “Billy Joe’s Search for Education” follows a courageous teen in his pursuit for education

MEADVILLE, Pa., Sept. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — “Billy Joe’s Search for Education”: a riveting journey of a teen living in a neighborhood of cheats, family feuds, and lack of education. “Billy Joe’s Search for Education” is the creation of published author Bertha Schwartz, an excellent writer of tales.

Schwartz shares, “Fourteen-year-old Billy Joe is suspicious the city buyers are cheating his people, the uneducated hill folks from Bear Claw Valley in Virginia.

“Mr. Grant from Three Pines Mercantile has been teaching Billy Joe some as he works for him. But most of the hill folks are against schooling, fearing the change it will bring to the valley.

“The long-standing feud between the O’Conners and the McKinleys is strong. But when Billy Joe proves the dog buyers are cheating both his pa, an O’Conner, and the McKinleys, Billy Joe is caught in the middle.

“When Uncle

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