How To Spot Job Search Scams And Protect Yourself

Job-opportunity scams have risen with the growing level of unemployment. Below I explain how to spot them by analyzing an actual scam message that hoodwinked some recipients. It turns out that the scam message was sent from a real recruiter’s hacked LinkedIn account, which made this deception more believable (note: if you ever suspect your LinkedIn account has been hacked, get help here).

While reading through the warning signs I highlight in the message, keep in mind the most common types of scams:

  • “Phishing” which involves clicking on a link so you’ll a) fill out a form and submit personal and financial information for identity theft, or b) unknowingly download malicious software onto your computer.
  • Asking for money or for you to buy something. A legitimate employer will never ask you to transfer money from your account for any reason, nor will they ask you to buy anything from
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