Infiltration: Communist China’s Campaign to Reshape U.S. Education

Communist China continues to exploit our free and open research institutions for its own gain. In late August, another researcher and Chinese national was charged with computer intrusion and stealing trade secrets at the University of Virginia. However, the theft of research breakthroughs that enhance China’s technological and military prowess is not the only issue that concerns Americans.

a group of people walking down a street next to a body of water: Beijing's Forbidden City

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Beijing’s Forbidden City

China Navy Jets Take Off from First Self-Made Aircraft Carrier for Training



The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is actively working to influence the next generation of Americans and Chinese students in America by expanding its soft power, attempting to control and threaten Chinese students, and using financial leverage over U.S. educational institutions.

For example, in mid-August, the U.S. Confucius Institute headquarters was designated by the State Department as a foreign mission due to its efforts to push CCP

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