Team NEO says skills gap is driving companies to rethink requirements for entry-level jobs

IT continues to be a growth occupation in the region. Northeast Ohio saw 4,249 of 6,457 entry-level IT jobs go unfilled in 2018, according to Team NEO. The report also estimates jobs in general computing are set to grow at a rate of 5%, web developers at 7%, and software development at 10% in a period from 2019 to 2024.

As the demand for these IT jobs increases beyond the supply of college graduates, Duritsky said, companies are de-emphasizing or even eliminating the formal bachelor’s degree requirement in favor of finding candidates with relevant skills and experience.

“Increasingly where companies are having a hard time filling positions, they are starting to view the minimum education requirements differently,” he said. “There are still some examples where a bachelor’s is required, but we are starting to see some movement.”

Some companies, including Westlake-based Hyland Software, have removed the formal education requirement for

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Md. Board of Education OKs requirements for new school year

The members of the Maryland State Board of Education approved new requirements for instruction for the school year.

One day after a number of Maryland schools started classes, the state Board of Education approved new requirements for instruction for the school year.

According to the plan approved by the board, schools must include three and a half hours of “synchronous” instruction each day. Synchronous means live, online instruction. It will be up to the school districts to decide how that three and a half hours will be provided for grades K-12.

School districts that planned to not have students return for in-person instruction until the second semester are also required to “reevaluate their reopening plans” and submit them to the Maryland State Department of Education by the third week of November.

The requirements passed by the state school board came after an initial set of benchmarks from state Superintendent Karen

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