Reforming medical education requires redefining the physician’s role

Much like the COVID-19 pandemic has shed light on long-time cracks in the
 U.S. healthcare system, it also highlights gaps in medical education. What needs to change for the future of medical education? Enhancing physician training to bolster improvements to Americans’ health first requires an institutional shift in defining 
the physician’s role.

Though U.S. healthcare and medical education have advanced in the last century, both still fall short of the goal to protect and promote the health of every American. Even before a global pandemic, Americans have long been plagued by public health crises including socio-economic challenges, structural racism, widespread inequity, and a recent decline in life expectancy.

Consequently, a multitude of recommendations to improve the medical education of future providers is complicated by increasing demands on medical students. Perhaps the fundamental question to guide solutions for training future generations of physicians is: What role is a medical student taught

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