Early intervention: Spotting problems in your adopted child’s development

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Maybe I was paranoid. Everyone seemed to think so. But my son was almost 2 years old and showing no signs of talking. Boys always talk late, people said. Albert Einstein didn’t talk until he was 3, they said. But I knew plenty of 2-year-old boys who were at least trying to speak. And I knew that my son’s blood lead levels had at one time been elevated. To say I was worried is an understatement.

When I confessed my fears to a friend, she had a simple response: “Have you tried Early Intervention?” Of course I hadn’t. I had never heard of Early Intervention.

The Early Intervention program

Discovering the Early Intervention program can feel like stumbling upon a pot of gold on the steps of City Hall. You’re going to evaluate and diagnose my child? You’re going to assign committed, talented therapists and educators to his

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