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Morgan Stanley Bets on These 3 Stocks; Sees Over 40% Upside

Did the stock market’s epic rally just need a little breather? The last few weeks have seen stocks experience their first meaningful correction since the bull market kicked off in March. Now, the question swirling around the Street is, will the rally pick back up again, or is more downside on the way?According to Morgan Stanley’s chief U.S. equity strategist Mike Wilson, uncertainty regarding the presidential election and stalemate on the next stimulus package could lead to declines in September and October. “On the correction, there’s still downside as markets digest the risk of congressional gridlock on the next fiscal deal. While we think something will ultimately get done, it will likely take another few weeks to get it over the goal line,” he noted.However, Wilson argues the recent volatility in no way signals the end of the

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NJ Budget Preserves Same School Funding

Credit: (AP Photo/LM Otero)
File photo: Teacher Ann Darby checks a student’s temperature at a summer STEM camp in Wylie, Texas on July 14, 2020. The debate over reopening schools continues across the U.S. One major issue is cost, some of which — but by no means all — for New Jersey schools Gov. Phil Murphy addressed in his revised budget.

For all the chaos schools have gone through over the last six months, the 180-degree turn in how they operate and educate and all the questions that come with it, New Jersey’s school districts have at least one constant: their state funding.

Gov. Phil Murphy on Tuesday presented a $32.4 billion state budget for October through the end of June 2021 that for schools will mean the year ends much as it started, with state aid unchanged from 2019-2020 levels and most programs left intact.

There is still some

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