Sir, can I go and play in the mud kitchen? The fun-filled school with luxury flats attached

With luxurious modern bathrooms, spacious open-plan living rooms and panoramic views across the city, 333 Kingsland Road sounds like any other pricey block of high-end flats. Except that, where you might normally find sunloungers on a neatly landscaped terrace, this one has a “mud kitchen”. That’s because, rather than a private gym, cinema or other aspirational concept of the kind used to sell such developments, this London high-rise comes with the joyful chaos of a primary school attached to its base.

After five long months of no school, it is a nice surprise to hear the sound of (safely bubbled) playground games in full swing, and glimpse kids fooling around on the deck that hovers above the street. You might expect such a tower to have a swanky concierge at its base, but there instead you’ll find the school reception. Meanwhile, the roof of Hackney New Primary School is given

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Ramco Cements to play role in establishment of Apex Skill Development Centre at Ariyalur

Ramco Cements Limited has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on September 19, 2020, with Government of Tamil Nadu for establishment of an Apex Skill Development Centre at Ariyalur.

The company informed the exchanges Thursday that the establishment of this Apex Skill Development Centre would help the rural employable youths in providing high end sector skill development training, engaging with industries and other stake holders to design and development of industry relevant training curriculum, create a pool of qualified and professional trainers and to act as a Centre of Excellence for the sector.

“Ramco Group has ensured that over 20,000 students benefit every year through its 16 schools, two ITIs, polytechnic and engineering college, which provide education and training on par with global standards and with the best of infrastructure. Hence, Ramco Cements is well poised to shoulder the onerous responsibility entrusted by the Tamil Nadu Government, through the

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Why Jeremy Lin’s skills coach believes the ex-Knick can still play in the NBA

Jeremy Lin announced earlier this month that he won’t return to the Chinese Basketball Association and is looking to make an NBA comeback.

Lin last played in the NBA with Toronto in 2018-19. He was a reserve guard for the NBA champions, playing in 23 regular season games.

Can the 32-year-old help an NBA team at this stage in his career? Teams will make that decision in November when we get to the NBA offseason.

David Nurse, a skills/life coach who has worked closely with Lin, strongly believes Lin belongs in the league.

“Here’s why Jeremy Lin should be back in the NBA and he should be back next season: No. 1, the NBA is a pick and roll game,” Nurse told SNY’s The Putback about his new book, ‘Pivot & Go.’ “It’s based on pick-and-roll reads and making plays out of it and Jeremy is one of the

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2K and Gearbox reveal Borderlands 3 next-gen support, new skill trees, split-screen play and more at PAX Online

Borderlands 3 FL4K Loaderbot Companion

It’s been pretty much a year since Borderlands 3 burst onto the gaming scene, and whilst it may not have gathered up the enthusiasm of the entire gaming scene like the original game and Borderlands 2 did, it has still delivered a more than acceptable experience. But the key to any long-term success for any game is how the development and publishing teams amend things going forward, and with what 2K and Gearbox Software have revealed at PAX Online, there is huge reason to be excited for where Borderlands 3 is going.

So, how does full next-gen support, new Vault Hunter skill trees, additional add-on content, vertical split-screen and four-player local co-op sound? Well, that’s exactly what Borderlands 3 players will be getting in the near future.

You can check out the entire Borderlands 3 showcase right below these words, but for those in a rush, or prefering to

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American Development Model: Play to Win

Play to Win

Age (Please note: Ages are guidelines, not restrictions)
Boys 19+
Girls 18+

Primary focus: Learn how to win. At this point, the game feels like a full-time job. Major life decisions are made around the sport. It’s important that players feel independent and confident in the steps they are taking to reach the highest levels of competition. Training-to-competition ratio is 25:75.

Competition level:
Professionals – 20-35 events per year
Amateurs – 13-20 events per year

What the coach recommends: Joe Hallett has worked with players who have reached No. 1 in the world, played on Solheim Cup teams, won majors and even Olympic gold. The PGA Professional said this stage isn’t just about winning. It’s about putting yourself in position to win, learning how to handle defeat and making adjustments to get back there again. The best players in the world find an area that’s holding them

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American Development Model: Play to Improve

Play to Improve

Age (Please note: Ages are guidelines, not restrictions)
11-15 Girls
12-16 Boys

Primary focus: Improvement.

This stage centers around well-rounded development, as much as a person as an athlete. Practice should be varied and last 5 to 7 hours per week. Parents must keep an eye on equipment at this stage as growth spurts can lead to changes mid-season. This is a time of deepening friendships. As the competition gets more serious, it’s a season for learning how to win and lose. How to build confidence and respect for others.

Competition level: ADM recommends that players at this age should spend 60 percent of their time on training and 40 percent in competition.

What the coach recommends: Wake Forest head coach Jerry Haas, a former PGA Tour player, has been on the recruiting trail for decades and conducts a junior camp every summer on campus at

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American Development Model: Learn to Play

Learn to Play

Age (Please note: Ages are guidelines, not restrictions)
Boys 9-12
Girls 8-11

Primary focus: Continue to develop fundamental movement skills while beginning to develop fundamental golf skills.

Competition level: Focus on fun competition at the club, league or junior tour level. This stage is about progressing in skill and not competition results.

What the coach recommends: For Chris Knobloch, a kid golf specialist who runs Junior Golf 365 in Peachtree City, Georgia, this age group represents the bulk of his participants in after-school programs. It’s a time when most kids are involved in some kind of activity every day of the week.

One of the most important things to remember at this age, Knobloch said, is that juniors play from the correct tees. The forward yardage markers are often too long. His 8-year-old group, for example, starts from 50 yards. Find a marker on the course in

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American Development Model: Play to Compete

Play to Compete

Age (Please note: Ages are guidelines, not restrictions)
Girls 15-21
Boys 16-23

Primary focus: Competition. This stage centers around optimum performance in the ring. Every aspect of training becomes intensified during this stage, with most players looking at golf from a year-round, long-term perspective. The ADM recommends that players spend 60 percent of their time in competition-training and competition. At this stage, a coach should be supervising all aspects of the game with parents acting as the support system. Fitness experts are also key to avoid injury.

Competition level: Players and coaches should work together to develop a competition calendar and review the overall performance annually.

What the coach recommends: The No. 1 reason Bobby Clampett moved from player to coach to was help improve the overall instructional landscape. The longtime PGA Tour and Champions player believes that many parents struggle to find the right coach to

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MTC Education Will Join with Stargate Theatre to Present Original Virtual Play THE DIVIDE

Streaming Thursday, September 10 at 7PM EST on MTC’s Facebook and YouTube.

Each summer, MTC Education employs a group of young men whose lives have been impacted by the justice system to form Stargate Theatre.

They develop a play that reflects their lived experiences and their dreams for the future and perform it on an Off-Broadway stage. This year, amidst the COVID-19 crisis, closed theatres, and our nation’s current reckoning with racism, our ensemble came together remotely to create The Divide.

Tune in to The Divide on MTC’s Facebook or YouTube pages at 7pm on Thursday, September 10.

Stargate employs young individuals identifying as male who have been involved with the justice system to create and perform an original play. Led by artistic professionals, they explore the world in which they live and reflect it on the stage. Our theatre-making process enables company members to envision new possibilities for their

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