Planning an education infrastructure for both in-person and at home learning

The pandemic forced school districts around the world to abruptly change how they provide educational services to students. Teachers who may have had rudimentary technology skills suddenly found themselves trying to conduct remote classes over Zoom, some with more success than others.

Now, as a new school year begins, teachers and school administrators likely must embrace a hybrid learning culture that incorporates technology in the design and delivery of courses. The goal must be to ensure different components work collaboratively to support a personalized approach to education that leverages flexibility and enables adaptive learning. And the underlying motivation should be to improve the learning experience for students.

It’s critical that school IT professionals make sure teachers and administrators know how to effectively integrate technology tools for a hybrid learning model. IT directors should work with educators on establishing a common language and common expectations for how the investments in technology

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Employers are planning more layoffs, as Trump claims jobs are “flowing”

President Donald Trump has hailed the economy in speeches and on social media, proclaiming in August that “jobs are flowing.” But even as some employers are rehiring workers, others are shedding thousands of jobs, with major companies announcing 50,000 job cuts in the last two weeks alone. 

a person holding a sign in the middle of a city street: Philadelphian's Rally To Demand Congress Return To Pass The HEROES Act

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Philadelphian’s Rally To Demand Congress Return To Pass The HEROES Act

Weekly unemployment claims remain above 1 million, a “historically high” level, according to labor economist Heidi Shierholz of the left-leaning Economic Policy Institute. And some industries, including travel and entertainment, continue to shed workers as consumers remain wary of traveling as the coronavirus continues to spread in regions of the U.S.


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Six months after the pandemic shuttered the U.S., bringing its economy to a standstill, a second wave of job cuts is emerging. Under labor regulations, companies must tell employees that they are formally “separated” — in other

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