Early education organization will persevere after founder Billie Osborne-Fears’ deaths

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Billie Osborne-Fears founded Starting Point to optimize childhood education by connecting families to affordable, accessible care and learning opportunities.

Osbourne-Fears died Sept. 4 after a short illness. She was known for her passion for children and being an advocate for her community, she spent her life’s work helping others.

“It was very sudden; it was a shock to the organization,” said Starting Point board member Andrew Hertz. “She led the organization with fairness and compassion to create the infrastructure that would improve the quality of care for our region’s children.”

So what’s next for the organization, which offers early childhood education, out-of-school care, and related programs in Ashtabula, Cuyahoga, Geauga, and Lake counties?

Starting Point will continue to maintain its current services and youth programs offered as safe as possible amidst the pandemic.

“Everything that we had been doing under Bille’s leadership, that continues,” said Debbie

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despite lockdown difficulties, parents should persevere

Bilingualism can result in changes in the brains of children, potentially offering increased problem-solving skills. Pupils who are competent in two or more languages may have academic advantages over monolingual children.

In Wales, children have the opportunity to become bilingual by attending Welsh-medium primary and secondary schools, where the sole or main language of instruction is Welsh.

However, parents who do not speak Welsh but send their children to be educated in the language have reported finding home schooling challenging during the lockdown. Some may even be considering moving their children to English schools in order to be better able to support them at home – perhaps because of fears of future lockdowns or quarantines.

Nevertheless, where they can, parents should keep the faith. The benefits of a bilingual education are huge, and turning their backs on Welsh-medium education might be detrimental to increasing the number of young Welsh speakers.

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