Five Keys To Creating An Outsourced Development Team

Co-founder and CMO at CodersLink, a technology solutions agency helping companies find and build elite IT nearshore teams in LATAM.

The unexpected and forced move toward remote work has quietly unlocked an opportunity for organizations that companies in tech have been taking advantage of for years: hiring international talent remotely through outsourcing. 

Big-name companies like Facebook, Google, Atlassian and others have all stated their interest in having all or part of their teams working remotely. This statement has huge implications in the race for capturing the best talent, as international talent is becoming a norm instead of an outlier. 

Outsourcing done right can be a catalyst for a company because it can enable you to identify specialized talent, close skill gaps and increase a team’s agility and speed to get work done. Just consider that more than 60% of executives surveyed in a study by the Society for

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