Combining Satellite Data and AI for Detecting Plastic in the Oceans

The applications for the first edition of the AI Moonshot Challenge are now open. The international competition aims to boost the use of Space data, combined with Artificial Intelligence, in advancing scientific research and developing innovative solutions to societal problems.

In line with the National Strategy Portugal Space 2030, the AI Moonshot Challenge is promoted by the Portuguese Space Agency – Portugal Space in partnership with Unbabel Labs, and with the support of the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), the European Space Agency (ESA) and the National Innovation Agency (ANI). 

The challenge addresses universities, research institutes, state laboratories, or companies, including startups, that combine satellite data and Artificial Intelligence to develop R&D activities to detect, track, characterize and quantify different types of plastics in the oceans, also considering rivers, lakes or potential places of origin. 

Waste identification, quantification and monitoring

“The plastics that pollute the oceans can have very

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