Education Reference Desk Announces 2020’s Most Affordable Online Nursing Degree Programs, a nationally recognized provider of college planning resources, announces their picks for the Most Affordable Online Nursing Degree Programs in 2020.


According to a recent study, 53% of surveyed high school grads considering college indicated that their family’s financial situation has been affected because of COVID-19 while 49% of surveyed current college students indicated the same.

In light of these financially challenging times, Education Reference Desk has recently published its list of the most affordable colleges offering online nursing degrees.

Schools considered for this ranking were collected from official accrediting agency websites, are regionally or nationally accredited, and offer at least one fully online nursing degree.

Pulling data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), colleges were evaluated based on their affordability.

As part of the rankings, also published detailed profiles outlining each school on its list. Students can use these profiles to evaluate each school’s net

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Strategic Education Fortifies Nursing Program at Capella

Strategic Education, Inc. STRA or SEI announced that Capella University is now offering a direct-assessment, competency-based Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program through its signature FlexPath.

The direct assessment format for DNP was approved by the Higher Learning Commission’s Institutional Actions Council earlier this year. Notably, Capella is the first among the 10 largest universities to offer DNP in this format.

The new format allows students to personalize their learning experience through customizing their schedule, setting deadlines, managing costs and leveraging work experience. The FlexPath format provides flexibility to students for making progress at their own pace, while balancing work and other responsibilities. Also, they can opt for one or two courses at a time during the coursework phase of the program. Encouragingly, students can complete as many courses as they want in 12 weeks for just one tuition fee, which makes it cost effective too.

Apart from DNP, Capella

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