Voximplant Launches Voximplant Kit for No-Code Contact Center Development

Voximplant, a cloud communications company, has transformed Voximplant Kit into an omnichannel cloud contact center solution.

Voximplant Kit helps companies customize and deploy omnichannel cloud contact centers in minutes with no-code programming, artificial intelligence, and out-of-the-box automation. It offers an interface for engaging customers anywhere with AI-powered conversational interactive voice response (IVR), messaging, and comprehensive skills-based omnichannel routing from voice and popular messenger apps.

“The current generation of contact center solutions lack the required features and flexibility to incorporate the latest AI-enhanced capabilities to meet shifting demands of today’s business environment,” said Alexey Aylarov, CEO of Voximplant, in a statement. “Worse still, those offerings require a high level of integration expertise and effort. In contrast, Voximplant Kit delivers a complete cost- and time-saving solution that can be deployed by a company’s technical and non-technical departments in minutes.”

Voximplant Kit includes the following:

  • A drag-and-drop visual editor;
  • Faster routing with smart
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