4 million jobs added to Nepal’s economy in past decade, a report says

Kathmandu, Sept. 11 — Nepal’s economy added nearly four million jobs over the past decade, and average job quality increased significantly, according to the World Bank’s Nepal Jobs Diagnostic report released on Thursday. This is because Nepal’s economy has been gradually shifting from largely subsistence agriculture to more modern industry and services.

By 2018, there were 3.8 million wage jobs in Nepal, and another 2.8 million Nepalis were employed in wage jobs in other countries, the report said. Of the total jobs added to the economy since 2008, nearly half were wage jobs.

Most international migrants are male, two-thirds are under age 35, and 85 percent have less than a secondary education. International migrants earn much higher wages than their counterparts at home despite the mostly unskilled nature of the work.

External migration acts as a pressure valve by accommodating excess male labour supply but does not provide a viable

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