New education ‘hubs’ for Deaf children needed to replace social spaces lost when specialist schools close

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New dedicated hubs for Deaf children are needed around the country to provide new social spaces, education and support, an expert has said.

Special schools for Deaf children have had an important role in the Deaf community, acting as places people can meet and learn BSL together. But the move to inclusive education and new technology such as cochlear implants means most children with hearing loss are now educated in mainstream schools.

Deaf education should be remodeled to replace the role previously provided by specialist schools which have closed, Dr. Hannah Anglin-Jaffe argues in a study in the British Education Research Journal.

Dr. Anglin-Jaffe proposes Deaf education and support could be run in the same way as existing community provision in schools and other social spaces such as libraries or community centers. These hubs could act as a new iteration of the special school for

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Few new hires have the skills needed for the job, survey shows

Dive Brief:

  • Only 16% of new hires possess the skills needed for their current jobs and the jobs of the future, according to Gartner analysis released September 10. “Existing roles may require up to 10 new skills by 2021,” the organization noted.
  • Traditional talent acquisition sources may not enable employers to find these new skills in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, Gartner said, potentially leading employers to prioritize skills over “candidate profiles” that may miss out on workers that are largely self-taught. “Traditional recruiting methods are unable to compete with the large-scale shifts to the workplace and the labor market,” Lauren Smith, vice president in the Gartner HR practice, said a press release.
  • To find the right skills in the market, companies may need to consider how to broaden their candidate search criteria and also focus on internal development of employees, potentially through “accelerated training programs.”

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The Skills Needed to Be a Chief Learning Officer

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Strategic management and measurement are the top competencies chief learning officers need to develop, according to research by Chief Learning Officer (paywall). But that’s not all. They also want to grow their executive leadership skills, develop better business acumen and advance their knowledge of learning methods and concepts.

But what are the skills and traits a CLO should have now before investing in future competencies?

“The exact definition of the CLO or chief learning officer can be broad, fluid and vary from company to company, but there are certain qualifications that a CLO should be expected to meet and expectations they should be able to deliver,” said Andrew Jezic, founding partner at the Law Offices of Jezic & Moyse.

For starters, they need an understanding of enterprise-level IT architecture and facility across the relevant tools and platforms. “An ability to integrate IT structure and top talent with

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School funding is needed for student well-being, not only coronavirus safety rules

a sign on the side of a building: A physical distancing sign is seen at Hastings Elementary school in Vancouver, Sept. 2, 2020.

© THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jonathan Hayward
A physical distancing sign is seen at Hastings Elementary school in Vancouver, Sept. 2, 2020.

As the first yellow buses filled with students pull up to schools this September, a critical window for planning to manage the COVID-19 pandemic in schools has closed. With an eye on the whole school year, and children’s long-term social and academic development, teachers and school administrators continue to advocate for long-term planning that goes beyond this month.

Some may be glad to know that in Alberta, districts will receive a “a portion of $262 million in federal funds … to be allocated toward staffing, cleaning and personal protective equipment to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.” But educators also know that student wellness is about more than limiting viral spread.

Educators are concerned about how school closures have influenced their students’ academic progress and well-being. They are worried about

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