The Seahawks and NFL have successfully navigated the COVID-19 pandemic. Can they keep it up?

The ethos of Seahawks coach Pete Carroll can be summed up in a word: compete. So it should come as no surprise that when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and threatened to disrupt the NFL season, Carroll took it as an opportunity for his team to compete against a frightening new foe.

So far the Seahawks are beating the odds and beating back the coronavirus better than even the most optimistic projections could have forecast. Benefiting from daily testing conducted in a parking-lot trailer at the team’s Renton headquarters, Seahawks players completed five weeks of summer training-camp practices without any reported coronavirus cases. Count that among the most improbable victories of Carroll’s career.

The rest of the NFL isn’t far behind in successfully navigating football’s startup amid a pandemic, giving reasonable hope that the country’s most popular league can, over the next four months, have its 32 teams play all 256

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