Education for Muslims needs a little self-help

Dear Asaduddin Owaisi,

Recently you bemoaned the growing literacy and school attendance gaps between Muslims and other communities. You cited the NSSO’s 75th round report showing that 22% of Muslim girls aged 3 to 35 have never enrolled in a formal educational course. The attendance gap for Muslims, especially girls, is low at the primary level but rises sharply for higher levels.

You define the problem as “successive governments have refused to invest in education for Muslims.” Your solution is government scholarships for all. I am glad you highlight the importance of education in improving the economic and social backwardness of Muslims highlighted in the Sachar Committee Report. But a lack of scholarships affects all communities. Christians, another Indian minority, fare very well educationally compared with all communities, including Hindus, and not because of more government scholarships.

Instead of depending on the state, Christians have long created their own educational

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