Career, energy coach advises to job seekers to pay attention to their mindset

As the number of laid-off workers seeking unemployment benefits continues to rise during the coronavirus pandemic, many people are looking for work. WGN News has started a series called “Back to Work” in an effort to help with those looking for jobs.

Neha O’Rourke is the founder, career and energy coach at Somewhere In Between Coaching and offers her advice on the job search.

“Remember life is about the journey, not the destination,” she said.

O’Rourke calls it the “Somewhere In Between.”

More often than not, when we’re in an undefined “between” place we are labelled as confused, in crisis, or merely an outsider. It’s time to reframe that thinking because it’s those moments in between where we learn, grow and experience life’s magic.

Rather than fixating on the outcome, she advises job seekers to remind themselves of empowering thoughts and past times

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How to Build the Right Mindset to Change Careers and Learn New Skills Fast

There’s a reskilling revolution happening. The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 has spurred the evolution of how business is done. Whether positioning a new brand or as an authority in the marketplace it’s critical to realize there is a new awareness of the skillsets required by both staff and clients.

Businesses large and small are rethinking the requirements of employees as well as the technology necessary to deliver products and services to clients. This awareness is driving entrepreneurs in the technology and training industries to position themselves to win by offering courses specific to those skills.

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