From prime minister to podcaster, Paul Martin speaks on racism, education and inequality

Former prime minister Paul Martin is trading in his diplomat’s hat for a set of headphones as a podcaster in a new series offered by the Conference Board of Canada. 

The series, called Bright Future, hears from senior-level executives from some of the country’s biggest institutions.

Martin’s episode is available today, and focuses on what he calls the living standards gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians. 

Those gaps became apparent when Martin was designing educational programs for high schoolers through his organization, the Martin Family Initiative. 

“There is a high school business course given in almost every provincial high school in the country, but it’s a high school business course given very much to non-Indigenous people based on non-Indigenous ways of life,” Martin said.

“So what we really said was, ‘wait a minute, the youngest and the fastest growing segment of our population are Indigenous. And they also want to

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