FCA’s Mark Stewart on building a new auto assembly plant during a pandemic, jobs for Detroiters

Crain’s Detroit Business: Start us off by backing up a little bit in the history of how this project came to be, starting with Sergio Marchionne and Mayor Mike Duggan first having the conversation about the future of FCA’s presence in Detroit.

Mark Stewart: It precedes me a little bit as I’ve been with the company almost two years now. I always like to say I hit it at one of the luckiest times of the company to come in a period of growth and investment in Detroit. As you said, it goes back to a discussion with Sergio Marchionne and Mike Manley together with Mayor Mike Duggan and Mayor Duggan said, ‘Hey, give us a chance to go through this. We understand you guys are going to make an investment into a new assembly operation and we’d like to have a shot to do it in Detroit.’ And, of

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Kentucky by Heart: Many Kentuckians have made their mark in fields of science and technology – KyForward.com

By Steve Flairty
KyForward Columnist

Science and technology. . .in the Bluegrass State??

Over the years, Kentucky hasn’t always been given credit for its part in the furtherance of science and technology in the U.S., but after I did a little research this week, I discovered that the state has some real credibility in the area. There are a goodly number of people born in Kentucky who have been, or are, important participants in the fields as scientists or inventors.

Dr. Lee Todd (Photo from University of Kentucky)

For sure, my research is quite limited, especially regarding women excelling in this area. I would love to hear from my readers offering an expanded list.

I’ve had the joyful experience to cross paths a few times with Dr. Lee Todd, Jr., former University of Kentucky president, born in the small town of Earlington, in Hopkins County. He’s a real gentleman, humble

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