College Students Invent New Jobs Amid Coronavirus

A junior at Texas State University lost his jobs as a bartender and a barista when the pandemic started. Now he sells instant ramen and CBD-infused baked goods that he makes in his kitchen.

A senior at Vassar had some income from an internship, but it wasn’t enough to keep her or her family financially secure. So she started an online tarot-reading business.

A senior at Stanford used to work at his campus library until it shut down. Now he has a job with a storage marketplace start-up modeled after Airbnb.

Working through college is nothing new for college students. About 70 percent have some type of job, a Georgetown University analysis found. When the pandemic hit in the spring semester, about a third of students lost their jobs, according to Temple University’s Hope Center for College, Community and Justice.

Many of them have had to get creative, taking advantage

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