On Arewa Youths Call For Increased Funding For Science And Technology Sector


The Arewa Youth for peace and security after performance evaluation of all the components of the Nigerian government during the COVID-19 Pandemic, have appealed to the federal government to increase budgetary allocation to the Federal Ministry of Science & Technology.

This is going by the unalloyed roles they played through two of their parastatals namely; The Raw Materials Research & Development Council, National Science & Technology Incubation Centre and the Sheda Science & Technology Centre.

They played patriotic roles by producing facemasks, ventilators and hand sanitizers at the onset of COVID-19, which in no small way eased tensions related to the scarcity of ventilators that led to the demise of some patients quarantined at the various isolation Centres across the country, who required ventilators to breathe at a time when it was scarce.

Digressing on the evaluation report made available to stakeholders by the group’s image maker, Salihu Dantata Mahmoud

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Officials say NASA facing increased targeting by foreign and domestic hackers

Top officials at NASA say the agency is facing increasing attempts by foreign hackers to target sensitive information as it works to improve its IT security during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“NASA has vast troves of intellectual information capital that it has spent decades amassing. I think country actors are after that information, the innovations that NASA is so famous for around the world,” agency Inspector General Paul Martin testified to a House Science, Space and Technology Committee subcommittee on Friday.

“There is everything from PII [personally identifiable information], contractual data on the systems, so there is a vast and wide array,” Martin said. “NASA has unfortunately been under attack from both domestic and foreign cyber criminals, and so it is just an ongoing, incredibly difficult issue to keep NASA’s defenses up.”

When pressed by members of the committee on which countries were involved, Martin acknowledged that China was among the

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Increased Use Of Tech In Higher Education During Covid-19 Exemplifies True Grit

The business world teems with buzzwords. Buzzwords reach epic heights, then tragically die after rampant overuse. Grit is one word that ebbs and flows in popularity, but, by all appearances, has yet to be marked with the scarlet b and remains a respected word that signifies a propensity for success.

American psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth took the term grit to new heights in her 2013 TED Talk titled Grit: The power of passion and perseverance where she shared her five characteristics of grit.

At a time where opinions on today’s hybrid learning delivery methods are nothing short of loudly divided, beyond the hysteria our fall 2020 higher education experience exudes true grit of those on the education delivery front lines.

It is easy to show how Duckworth’s 5

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Federal school funding to be used for staff, increased enrollment, cleaning: LaGrange

EDMONTON (660 NEWS) – The provincial government has announced what it will do with the $262 million in education funding from the federal government.

Education Minister Adriana LaGrange announced $250 million of that money will be given to school authorities based on a per-student model for COVID-19 issues.

That includes money for staffing, adapted learning spaces, cleaning for schools and buses and funding for special needs supports and online learning.

The remaining $12 million will be used to help schools dealing with increased enrollment with online or distance learning.

LaGrange said the funding will be given immediately to schools as soon

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China plans new science and technology university in Hunan amid increased rivalry with US

a group of people posing for the camera: Graduates throw their hats in the air at Peking University in Beijing, capital of China, July 2, 2020. Photo: Xinhua

Graduates throw their hats in the air at Peking University in Beijing, capital of China, July 2, 2020. Photo: Xinhua

China is pushing forward with a plan to build a new science and technology university amid escalating tensions with the US and as Beijing pushes domestic excellence in core science and research.

The university, to be built in Liuyang city in the central province of Hunan, will “support development of higher education in the region,” according to a three-year plan published on the official website of the local provincial government.

The preliminary plan is to name it after Qian Xuesen, also known as Tsien Hsue-shen, who was a prominent missile scientist in the US before returning to China in 1955 to lead the nation’s space and missile programmes. Hunan is also the birthplace of Mao Zedong, founding father of the People’s Republic of China.

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Back to School in Humanitarian Settings Finds $135 Million Funding Gap and Increased Digital Divide

jhon yudha

  • New analysis from the International Rescue Committee (IRC) finds widening education and digital access gaps among children in humanitarian settings stemming from COVID-19.
  • Education remains one of the least-funded sectors in humanitarian response, with a current COVID-19 funding gap of $135 million.
  • School closures are impacting refugee girls harder than boys, with more than half not expected to return.

As children in wealthier countries begin to head back to a different model of school or continue remote learning, a new analysis from the IRC finds continued disruptions for children within humanitarian settings, leading to widening gaps in accessing quality education. Prior to COVID-19, 250 million school-aged children were out of school, with the majority of those impacted living in fragile and conflict-affected contexts. COVID-19 has further widened this divide, with 86% of children in developing countries at the primary school level no longer

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