The importance of leadership development skills in an Agile world

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Workplace culture is more than just a buzzword on job listings. In a professional world often plagued by stress, a positive workplace can lead to healthier employees, higher productivity, and extended employee tenures.

And now, with many companies navigating a more virtual workplace, a strong leader is more important than ever in establishing a positive company culture.

All leadership styles are different, and thus produce different results, but as the world and the technology in it continues to change and become more Agile, the workplace — and those who lead it — need to adopt an Agile mindset as well.

“I used to think that success was about me. It wasn’t that I was selfish or self-centered, but from a leadership point of view, I would pick project plans, I would drive technology decisions, I would tell people what to do,” said

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To Sleep In A Sea of Stars and the Importance of Optimism in Sci-Fi

Christopher Paolini: I grew up reading as much science fiction as fantasy. So for me, it was a very natural transition. My dad was and is a huge science fiction fan. My mom was a fantasy reader, so I kind of got both genres from them. And I just love the possibilities of science fiction, and I love how a lot of science fiction talks about the future of humanity, especially as we may be moving off this planet and exploring the rest of the universe. And I was also wanting a change from fantasy after working on The Inheritance Cycle for about 12 years, from 15 to 26/27. That’s a large chunk of one’s life to be put into one project. So yeah, science fiction felt like a very natural fit.

Which came first for you, did you already have an idea that you wanted to write in science-fiction?

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SEC creates voter education program to stress the importance of voting | LSU

Two weeks after a league-wide council dedicated to racial equity and social justice was launched, the Southeastern Conference has created a voter education and participation program for the league’s schools.

The SEC announced Thursday morning that its Voter Education and Participation Program will support engagement of the league’s players, coaches and staff in the November general election and other local, state and federal elections.

The program will stress the importance of voting, and it requires every SEC athletic department to provide educational sessions, resources and access to campus or community experts.

Ed Orgeron one of 13 named to Bobby Dodd Coach of the Year Award watch list

According to the SEC’s news release, the NCAA Division I Council is considering a recommendation to boost encouragement for voting by designating the first Tuesday after Nov. 1 of each year as a mandatory off day from countable athletically related activities.


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The Importance Of Virtual Internships

Much of my work involves helping people become more effective in their careers. For example, I might teach a portfolio management team creativity techniques to help them generate more and better ideas for investment. In this process, I’ve also found that we are profoundly shaped by our work and the ways in which we pursue our careers. This makes the selection of a career one of the most important decisions a person can make. Fortunately, the explosion of the online work world in response to the the recent pandemic has made it easier than ever to sample career fields through virtual internships. This, in turn, is helping students find the work that will best exercise and express their strengths.

A few years ago, I met with a money manager who was thoroughly miserable despite a history of profitability and career advancement.

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