Workers fear humans implanted with microchips will steal their jobs

Workers worry that in the not-too-distant future they will be sidelined by humans implanted with performance-enhancing microchips.

a close up of a hand: Elon Musk showcases a new working version of the Neuralink brain implant during a livestream on August 28.

© Neuralink
Elon Musk showcases a new working version of the Neuralink brain implant during a livestream on August 28.

Two-thirds of employees believe that in 2035, humans with chips implanted in their bodies will have an unfair advantage in the labor market, according to a Citrix survey of employees in the United States and Europe that was shared exclusively with CNN Business.


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Although cyborgs may sound like the stuff of science fiction, they could be here before long.

Thousands of people in Sweden have inserted microchips in their hands that could one day replace keys and cards. Elon Musk recently showed off a working brain implant in pigs made by Neuralink, his brain-computer interface company.

And Synchron, a San Francisco startup funded in part by the US Defense Department, is

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New Universal OS Transforms Robots into Intelligent Collaborators that Interact and Learn from Humans, Other Robots

Qobotix coordinates automation between manufacturers’ existing robots to boost productivity, lower costs; Enables flexibility to quickly adapt manufacturing processes while allowing for social distancing to keep workers safe

Qobotix announced today the introduction of its new universal AI operating system to transform collaborative robots (cobots) into intelligent coworkers on the manufacturing floor. After two years of R&D, including active installations of the OS industrial appliance at major auto manufacturers, Qobotix officially unveiled its technology to make existing robots smarter and self-learning.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:

Click to see the media kit including a video on how Qobotix works.

Just as Android OS and Apple iOS offer application platforms that run on smartphones, the Qobotix OS platform coordinates industrial automation between manufacturers’ robotic capabilities. Powered by proprietary AI, machine vision, and kinematics, the Qobotix OS’s agnostic plug and play technology enables intelligent factory applications

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